Frequently Asked Questions

We realize that selecting an attorney can be an anxiety-producing process, therefore, we've put together a list of frequently asked questions to assist you.


Do I really need a lawyer?

Yes! When terminating a marriage, many legal issues must be addressed. A divorce lawyer is responsible for the division of assets and debt among spouses. If there are children involved, Attorney Jackson will help set the terms for child custody and child support. Thorough research is required in order to gather supporting evidence in each case. Detailed paperwork must be compiled and then submitted to the court documenting the evidence. 


What should I expect at the consultation?

A divorce lawyer must excel in a few unique skills. They have to be an attentive listener because the decisions made in or out of court will greatly affect their client’s lives. When you arrive at our office, Attorney Jackson will sit with you and review all of the aspects of your divorce/custody case. She will ask a series of questions to gain insight into your case. The consultation typically lasts a minimum of one hour but you should plan for 2 hours. 


What should I bring to the consultation?

Please complete the Client Questionnaire to the best of your ability prior to coming in for the consultation. This does not have to be completed in it's entirety. This form provides our office with critical information. If there are questions that you cannot answer, don't worry. You should be prepared to provide pay stubs, financial records, tax returns, legal documents pertaining to your case, etc.


What happens after the consultation?

In some cases Attorney Jackson is able to provide an estimation of costs associated with the represntation of your case at the conclusion of the consultation. A representation fee agreement will be prepared based on the complexity of your situation and you will be asked to return the signed agreement. A follow-up strategic session will then be scheduled. 


What do you charge for your services?

Although this is a great question, it's terribly difficult to ascertain prior to the consultation. That said, Attorney Jackson understands not only the emotional difficulties a divorce/custody action can produce, she is also mindful of the financial difficulties that can result and works with her clients to provide the most affordable rate depending on the complexity of the case. 


Will Attorney Jackson be the one who reprents me in court?

Yes! Attorney Jackson is a sole practitioner, therefore she is the only one who will be actively working on your case and your representation. The benefits of working with a smaller law practice include in-depth knowledge of all clients and cases, accessability and attention to detail. Attorney Jackson takes pride in offering personalized service. You'll never be just a "case" or a "number" at our practice. 


Other thoughts when choosing the lawyer that is right for you: 

The interpersonal skills of a family law attorney must be strong to deal with a variety of relationships and emotions in their profession. With over two decades of experience in family law in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, Attorney Jackson is a well-respected, highly motivated lawyer. Most of her cases are highly contentious and she stands firm in her beliefs to work toward her clients best interests and the best interests of any children involved. 


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